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We Konkanis are a small community but spread all over the world. Konkani, as a language and as a community, need to be preserved, so that our origins and our unique identity is preserved for future generations.

 "Sangam" is a service offered as a courtesy to the Global Konkani community.

Sangam is not currently maintained or managed by KAOCA. It is made available as a courtesy to all members of the Global Konkani Community who want to find a compatible partner in the community. Please note that Sangam is maintained and managed independently by an external Third Party and is not part of  KAOCA

Why is Sangam no longer a part of KAOCA?

Below are some reasons why Sangam is no longer a part of KAOCA

1. Sangam serves the Global Konkani community and not just the Bay area in California. The KAOCA committees change every year, and primarily serve the Bay Area Konkani community. By having Sangam outside of KAOCA,  an independent external entity now supports Sangam. The ongoing maintenance and update to Sangam is no longer dependent on the KAOCA committee.  

2. Sangam's  data and website actually resides outside of KAOCA databases. KAOCA committee does not have any access or control over Sangam databases or Sangam websites. This is also one of the decisions to keep Sangam as a separate entity outside from KAOCA.

Per Sangam, Looking for a compatible Konkani match will be a 3-step process:

  • Registration: Register your personal identification details. All members of the Konkani Community are welcome to submit their profile. To access the form click on the below link.
  • Verification: An independent external committee ( Not affiliated with KAOCA)  reserves the right to verify identity of the candidate as a member of the Konkani community. To safeguard the privacy and security of all our prospects this independent committee will reach out to you to confirm your identity. The independent committee is not affiliated with KAOCA and is not associated with KAOCA.  
  • Access to prospects: After successful completion of the identity verification process, you will be given access to the database of suitable prospects who have registered and have been verified. The Sangam database is not maintained or managed by KOACA. Sangam data and website is managed by an independent entity not associated with KAOCA.


  1.  Clicking on the Register button below will take you to an external website which is  not managed by KAOCA. Please note that  the external Website is also not affiliated with KAOCA. 
  2. KAOCA is not responsible for verifying that the Prospective match you interact with through this service is a Konkani or has a Konkani background. It is your sole responsibility as you will be in contact with the Prospect.
  3. KAOCA shall not be responsible for the outcome of your interaction with the Prospects, in terms of any emotional, social or financial implications.
  4. KAOCA shall not be responsible for the success or failure of the subsequent alliance.
  5. By clicking on the "Register"  link  below you are agreeing to all terms and conditions listed above. 


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